Ecopolitan Design combines landscape architecture with coastal adaptation and green infrastructure to study and adapt human settlements in response to pressing sustainability challenges.


Alex Felson, founder of Ecopolitan Design, is an Associate Professor Yale University, a senior certified ecologist and a registered landscape architect. In addition to Ecopolitan Design, he is the founder of the Urban Ecology and Design Lab and Earth Stewardship Initiative. Alex's projects have included:

  • Connecticut's HUD National Resilience Disaster Competition, lead designer ($54 million awarded)
  • Hurricane Sandy Initiative, Rebuild by Design (Bridgeport, CT)
  • Resilient by Design (San Francisco)
  • Coastal Resilience Plans (Guilford, CT, Old Saybrook, CT)
  • The Nature Conservancy Regional Resilience Framework Plan


Alex serves as a State Advisor through the "State Agencies for Resilience" executive order (SAFR). Through his ecological engineering research and pursuits, Alex builds and studies designed experiments including green infrastructure.


Bridging urbanization and environmental sustainability underlies the foundation of Alex Felson's work through Ecopolitan Design and academic research. Through his ecological stewardship pursuits, Alex has directed the New York City Reforestation Plan guiding the MillionTreesNYC and is developing a tool to inform alternative scenarios with coastal wall building and retreat in response to threatening sea waters.